Jon Miller is a Pennsylvania licensed Realtor® and a member of the National Association of Realtors. Jon works with both sellers and home buyers throughout the greater Philadelphia area specializing in Center City, Northwest Philadelphia, The Main Line, and Philadelphia’s northwest suburbs.

Jon began his career in real estate with Keller Williams in 2009. In 2019, Jon joined Compass Real Estate. He chose to pursue his career in real estate because it was a natural fit for his entrepreneurial spirit and background in customer-focused sales, business management, and marketing.

Before his career as a Realtor, Jon worked for over 15 years with outdoor gear & apparel retailer REI. He loves the outdoors and enjoys getting outside and hiking in the Wissahickon Valley with his wife, two daughters, and their dog Frida.

For more information about living in Philadelphia, buying a home, or selling a home please contact Jon at [email protected] or 215-839-6034.


Do you work with buyers, sellers, or both?

Like most real estate agents, I work with both home buyers and sellers. As a general practice, I prefer to represent only one side of a transaction and avoid Dual Agency (representing both the buyer and seller with a particular home). This avoids any gray area so that each side is comfortable knowing that their best interests are being represented.

As a seller, you may also be purchasing your next home. I can often help with both your sale and purchase. If your purchase will be outside of my area, I may be able to refer you to a great agent who can help you with find your next home.

Which neighborhoods do you specialize in?

My specialties are single-family homes in the neighborhoods in, and around, Center City, Northwest Philadelphia, Colonial School District, and Lower Merion School District. 

How do you work with home buyers?

Home buyers have the best possible home buying experience when they have a good understanding of what to expect. When you come to me for help in finding a home, we’ll take time at the beginning to discuss the home buying process, potential obstacles and how to overcome them, and to answer your questions. We’ll also take a look at the real estate market in your target neighborhoods. This will help you to narrow down areas and to be best prepared when you’ve found the home that you’re ready to buy.

I’m thinking about buying a home, but I’m not sure. Can you help?

Absolutely! Buying a home is a big step and there are plenty of questions. You may be wondering how much it’s going to cost to get into a home, how long the process typically takes, and what you can buy for the money. If it’s early in the process and you’re just considering buying, I can go over typical costs, help interpret the real estate market and show you what homes are selling for in your favorite neighborhoods, and answer all of your questions about the process. If it turns out that you’re not quite ready, that’s ok. With the right information, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you, whether that’s knowing that you’re ready and making a move or knowing what you’ll need to do so you can prepare for a purchase down the road.

Do you work with investors?

I have worked with investors, but my main focus is buyers who are looking for a property to call home. If you’re considering buying an investment property or have a property to sell, I may be able to help in certain situations. You can always call me to discuss your plans and, if it’s outside of my area of expertise, I’ll be happy to connect with an agent who can best assist you.

Can you help me purchase a foreclosure, short sale, or HUD Home?

These distressed properties come with their own, very unique, issues. I have helped numerous clients with bank foreclosures and short sales and I have the necessary experience to make these transactions as smooth as possible. If you’re considering one of these purchases, we’ll go over everything that’s involved to make sure that you’re prepared and you can make an informed decision about purchasing these homes.

Many foreclosed properties are now being sold through websites where buyers can make their own offers. If one of the homes that you’re interested in falls into this category, it will be best that you make the offer on your own but I am able to offer assistance and information.

HUD Homes are a different animal and one that I’ve chosen not to deal with. Very few real estate agents have the experience and/or time to work with these properties. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these properties, please feel free to call me for an overview of the process and, if you’re interested in pursuing a HUD home I can connect you with a qualified partner agent.

How do you work with sellers?

As we begin working together to get your home on the market and sold, we’ll look at the local real estate market for homes like yours. That will give us a value range that can help you decide if it’s the right time to sell your home. If it is the right time to sell, we’ll look at items that should be improved to help you get top dollar and narrow down the list to the items that will have the greatest impact on the value of your home and can be done within your timeline and budget.

When your home is ready to show, I’ll bring in a professional photographer to take your listing photos. Most home buyers are shopping for homes online, so great photos that show your home in the best possible light can make all of the difference in securing showing appointments. You can read more about my home marketing plan below.

Once you have an offer (or offers) in hand, I’ll go through all of the details and explain the strengths, weaknesses, and talk you through your response.

How do you market homes when listing them for sale?

Your home marketing plan starts before you put your home on the market. The first step, is to look through recently sold homes that are nearby and similar in size, features, amenities, and condition. We’ll use these to assess the value of your home. Once we have the value range, we’ll talk about your pricing strategy options and how these will impact the sale of your home.

At the same time, we’ll look at the things that can be done to best prepare your home for sale. For some, this could mean just a bit of cleaning and touch up paint, while others may require more extensive work. Each home is different, but the goal is to best prepare your home for the market given your time, budget, and goals.

A few days before your listing goes live, a professional photographer will take photos. Because photos are the first impression that nearly every home buyer will have, the photos need to be the best possible.

We’ll put together a top-notch property description. Many clients prefer to write these themselves (and many buyers prefer to read these instead of ‘Realtor-speak’). You can write it on your own for me to edit, or I can write it for you.

Much of my marketing plan focuses on internet marketing since that’s where just about every home buyer is looking for homes. Your listing will be uploaded to the MLS so that every real estate agent in the area has immediate access to the listing as soon as it’s live. Your listing will also be automatically syndicated to hundreds of websites and manually uploaded to the top websites so there’s no delay with syndication (which can take a few days, or longer).

What about open houses and For Sale signage? As for open houses and signs, these depend on the home and your wishes. Open houses can be intrusive and they typically don’t draw buyers, but for the right house and done within the first two weeks of listing your home for sale, they can give your listing great exposure. We often install For Sale signs, but since buyers are looking online they really advertise my services more than your home so I leave it up to you.

There’s plenty more that’s included, from email marketing to Facebook ads to flyers at your home for visitors to take with them. Please call for more information.

I’m thinking about selling my home, but I’m not sure. Can you help?

Certainly! It’s not uncommon to have outgrown your space and consider selling, but need more information. I’m happy to provide an opinion of value at no charge. Using this as the starting point, we can look at an estimate of your proceeds after the sale and getting your mortgage paid off. This will give you the necessary information to talk with a lender about your next purchase. They can help determine your purchase price range. From there, we’ll be able to look at the market in your target neighborhoods and price range so you have a good sense of what’s selling and for how much. That will give you the information you need to decide if it’s the right time to sell or not.

How did you get into real estate?

I’ve had an interest in real estate since I was in middle school. We had moved from an hour north of New York City to North Carolina and I got to see the difference in property values from one place to the next. It was fascinating to see the regional difference in prices when people would move down and buy brand new homes that were twice the size of the 40 year old homes they were selling in New York. There was a construction boom in my town and a few friends and I would go into all of the new homes that were being built nearby. The houses and the growth fascinated me. Fortunately, we never got caught.

In 2009, I had been living in Philadelphia for a few years in various neighborhoods. The economic bubble had recently burst and real estate prices tanked. I had been working at REI for several years in management positions at several stores, but I had been working for them for a number of years and had decided that it was time for a change. My wife and I had just gotten married in September and in October, I started taking real estate licensing classes. In March of 2010, I made my departure from my management job and begin my real estate career.

As a real estate agent, I see myself as a sole proprietor running my own business. I had had plenty of business management experience at REI and they helped me develop my sales philosophy of providing the highest level of service and getting to know my client’s needs to help them find the best possible solution.

The transition into real estate and my successes since entering the field wouldn’t have been possible without the support and encouragement of my wife who encouraged me to pursue my passion.


If you have questions about buying or selling a home, please call me at 215-839-6034 or email me at [email protected].